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AERF- National Level Conference on Emerging trends in Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences (NLCETLSPS-2016) 30th to 30th July 2016 Vijayawada, Andra pradesh, India

2nd International Conference and Expo on Drug Discovery & Designing October 27-29, 2016 Rome, Italy

International Conference of Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Medical Sciences (ICCPMS)

10th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems March 13-15, 2017 London, UK

World Congress on Drug discovery & Development -2016 18th to 20th July 2016 Bangalore, Karnataka, India

5th International Summit on GMP, GCP & Quality Control August 12-13, 2016 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2nd International Conference on Clinical Trials August 22-24, 2016 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

7th Annual Global Pharma Summit August 22-24, 2016 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

AERF - National Level Conference On Recent Trends In Pharma Sciences And Life Sciences, 28th to 28th August 2016 HYDERABAD, Telangana, India

2nd International Conference and Expo on Separation Techniques September 26 - 28, 2016 Valencia, Spain

6th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and IPR Sept 29-30, 2016 Orlando, USA

3rd International Conference on Mass spectrometry October 10-11, 2016 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Research & Development

  1. Stability problem with Ketorolac dispersible tablets. 
  2. Stability problem in Imipramine and Diazepam combination sugar coated tablets. 
  3. Lyophilized dosage form for aqueous unstable molecules. 
  4. Related Substance (RS) estimation for combination of Levodopa + Carbidopa tablet dosage form.
  5. Regulatory requirements for approval of NDDS products like liposomes, Nano particles.
  6. Development of dissolution media for water insoluble drugs. 
  7. Related Substance (RS) Method development for Artesunate tablet. 
  8. Related Substance (RS) Method development for Latanoprast ophthalmic solution. 
  9. Performance and Interpretation of photostability study as per regulatory guidelines. 
  10. RS method development of tablet dosage form of light sensitive Pramipexole. 
  11. To develop and validate HPLC/spectrophotometric method for simultaneous estimation of clopidogrel and clopidogrel acid in plasma. (clopidogrel is highly unstable at in vitro as well as in vivo conditions and gets converted to clopidogrel. It is also very difficult to analyzed both clopidogrel as well as clopidogrel acid simultaneously) 
  12. To develop and validate stability indicating method for estimation of clopidogrel in plasma.
  13. To develop and validate HPLC / spectrophotometric method for simultaneous estimation of Atorvastatin and Atorvastatin lactone in plasma. (Atorvastatin gets reversibly converted to Atorvastatin lactone and its very difficult to stop the conversion of Atorvastatin to Atorvastatin lactone.) 
  14. To develop and validate spectrophotometric method for estimation of Atorvastatin lactone after complete conversion of Atorvastatin to Atorvastatin lactone 
  15. Develop and Validate spectrophotometric method for estimation of Voglibose
  16. Develop and Validate analytical method for estimation of Levosulpiride by chiral chromatograpgy   (Levosulpiride is commercially available in Racemic form in which Levosulpiride is active.  Dextro-sulpiride must not be more than 0.15% w/w in API ) 
  17. Develop dissolution test for Domperidone and Omeprazole combine tablet dosage form Omeprazole is highly degradable in acidic conditions

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